Peb structure:- In structural engineering pre -engineered buildings (PEB) is designed  by the supplier or manufacturer to be fabricated using best suited inventory of raw materials available from sources and manufacturing methods that can be efficiently satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements

Our Mission

Pre Engineered Buildings (PEB) are the buildings which are engineered at a factory and assembled at site. Usually PEBs are steel structures. Built-up sections are fabricated at the factory to exact size, transported to site and assembled at site with bolted connections. This type of Structural Concept is generally used to build Industrial Buildings, Metro Stations, Warehouses etc.

The adoptability of PEB in the place of Conventional Steel Building design concept resulted in many advantages, including economy & easier fabrication. These type of building structure can be finished internally to serve any functions that is actually help in low rise building design. Examples of Pre-Engineered Buildings are warehouses, Canopies, Factories, Bridges etc.

Our Vision

Components of PEB:

Pre Engineered Buildings consist different steel structural member which are as follows,

  • Primary Frame: Primary framing of a PEB is an assembly of builtup I-Shaped steel members & that framing consist trusses or castellated beams etc.
  • Secondary Structural Elements: It is actually Cold Formed Members, which can be in diff. shapes like “Z”, “C” etc. In general known as “Purlins”.
  • Roof & Wall Panels : Tin shades & Curtain Wall made of Glass & Roll-formed steel sheets usually comes in this category , S
  • Sandwich Panels: Sandwich Panel is made of three layers , in which a non-Aluminum Core is inserted b/w two aluminum sheet.
  • Other Accessories: Mezzanine floors, Bolts, Insulation, etc.